Loch Ness Team


Could not be more excited to announce that Loch Ness has been optioned by a team headed up by Victoria Lang, Alan Schwartz and Martian Entertainment with the hopes of bringing it to the West End in London. Next up is a few months of intensive development work, then hopefully a fully-staged regional production in the U.S. Summer 2018, and then see where we are. So, to work we go – time to dig in on the script and score, bring it to the next level.

Another Great Review



There was a moment in Chance Theater’s LOCH NESS, a new musical, when I realized I had fallen completely in love with it; when everything suddenly came together in the most wonderful of ways – the glow of the lighting on a handful of heart wide open actors, the lyrical swell of their singing voices soaring with hope, a fog rising from a sea of imagination brought to life with unexpected delight – all of it morphed into what can only be described as pure magic.  – Broadway World