Loch Ness Opening Night


What a great crowd for opening night at the Chance Theater, which was preceded by the dedication ceremony for their awesome new space! Good food, good beverages, good cheer and good performances abounded. Thank you so much Chance for an amazing evening!!

Loch Ness Update


Greetings and happiest of New Year’s to you, dear benefactors, from shockingly chilly but still sunny southern California!! We are now into our second week of rehearsals and couldn’t be more thrilled with how things are progressing. Every one of our cast members is superbly talented and engaged with the material. Ryan O’Connell‘s complex orchestrations are turning out to be spell-bindingly sumptuous. Of course, we are constantly learning invaluable information about our script, ergo the inevitable rewrites and more rewrites…

As for the physical production which you so generously underwrote, the ambitious set is now under construction and we are currently working through in rehearsals how our awesome Nessie puppet will be manipulated by the cast to maximum effect. Nessie goes back to her maker next week to undergo the final stages of construction.

I will continue to keep you posted as we move closer to our world premiere!

Loch Ness Casting


Totally jazzed to announce that we have completed our casting for the World Premiere of our family musical, Loch Ness, which is playing at the Chance Theater in Anaheim, CA, from February 7 – March 1. What a supremely talented group, we are very very lucky!

Haley WesterbrookJulia Smith
Dr. Thomas WesterbrookJackson Tobiska
Leana CallaghanAngeline Mirenda
NessieKatie Brown
BalladeerLaura M. Hathaway
EclairGina Velez
PierreKeaton Williams
Angus OgilvieMatt Takahashi
Bar PatronCorky Loupe

Honoring Charlie Fink Update


Check out the pics below from the gala dinner at the Wooly Mammoth in DC on October 27, honoring the venerable Charlie Fink, our producer for Who’s Your Baghdaddy? The event was sponsored by No Rules Theater Co., which is putting on Baghdaddy at the Signature Theater in May-June 2015. Was a total blast, great to hear some of the songs from Baghdaddy again! I am very grateful to Charlie, No Rules and its Artistic Director, the very talented Joshua Morgan, for everything. You guys rock!