TheThreeTimesSheKnockedTwo professionals of disparate ages and rank spend alone-time in an office trying their best to work through their unwelcomed erotic obsession for each other. But the more they try the worse it gets, eventually threatening to render both of them completely unhinged and wreck their lives. Based on Penedo’s short story of the same title.

Best Playwrighting, FringeNYC ‘11

Mix Mamet’s “Oleanna” with Ionesco’s “The Lesson” and you wind up with “The Three Times She Knocked.” A.D. Penedo’s intelligent and tightly written dramedy about lust and betrayal grabs from the first… Backstage

So smooth are the transitions, and so gentle does the emotional illumination come, that by the harrowing final scene, in which both learn the ultimate price of their admissions and betrayals, you really can’t see the final turns of plot coming. –Talkin’ Broadway

If you are hungry for a little mystery and contemporary confrontations, weary of clichéd romances and pedestrian dialogue — “Three Times She Knocked” by A. D. Penedo will have you standing and cheering — or at least clapping until your hands hurt. The New York Theater Wire

Writer A.D. Penedo has successfully taken a different type of relationship and made it not only understandable but accessible. –The Happiest Medium

I can tell you this: the chemistry between Richardson and D’Haene is terrific, both of their performances are pitch perfect, and this play is well worth seeing. –Theater is Easy

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