The Chocolate TreeTen-year old Jessie Pearl always has enjoyed a supercharged imagination. But the gathering clouds that accompany the onset of her cancer soon darken her once vivid fantasy world. That is, until she meets feisty cancer ward veteran Rachel, who shows her how to use her imagination to transform her life’s various unpleasantries into colorful fantasies. Reinvigorated, Jessie becomes determined to further ply her imagination to change reality and overcome the greatest challenge of all. The Chocolate Tree (formerly Tell Me) empowers audiences to use their imaginations to make change, not just dream it.

[The Chocolate Tree] is neither a fluff-ball musical nor a heavy drama. It’s something in-between, something natural and true. The songs flow easily out of the dialogue without a big buildup. As in real life there is plenty of humor mixed with the sadness. – The Register-Guard.

[The Chocolate Tree] is an intelligent, uplifting and thought-provoking take on the old theme, “Follow your dreams.” – The Eugene Weekly 

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Tell Me – Danielle Fried

I Don’t Know – Greg Roderick

Mission: Meet the Stars  – Felicia Ricci and Ensemble